With everything from deep space exploration to commercial flights commanding headlines around the world, how we utilise space technology in the years ahead is a more vital question than ever before.

Developments along such areas as the launch industry or satellite trends, will drive growth in space-based services to offer tangible value for businesses, society, and consumers. Ongoing innovation has laid the foundation for next-gen satellite telecommunications. The explosion of small-sat constellations is shaking up how broadband internet is distributed across the world and bringing connectivity to communities and locations where previously not possible. The space drives new data. Satellites can increasingly capture terabytes of granular images from all corners of the Earth on a daily basis. This data can gradually be used to generate insights that inform organizational decision-making, especially when it comes to predicting climate risks.


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As the world beyond our skies becomes more accessible to businesses around the world, the increasing commercialisation of space, the development of new international spaceport infrastructure and the ever-moving boundaries of what is possible in the sector will all be explored at AGF 2022.

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